Executive Coaching

Empowering Executives Through Inner Game Mastery

The Stoic Executive coaching program empowers executives to become what they aspire to be, and achieve their most ambitious goals. We do this by strengthening their inner game by developing robust mindfulness – sustainable inner peace, ease, and clarity. With this foundation, we co-develop a plan of action, supported by the coaching, with accountability partnership throughout.

Mindfulness for Performance

Discover the transformative power of the mindfulness in the pursuit of professional excellence to realize sustainable inner peace and clarity, enhance productivity, and cultivate deeper connections in your life and career.

Executive Coaching

Mindfulness practices combined with cognitive behavioral coaching techniques will elevate your clarity, confidence, and success in both professional and personal realms.

Discover Your Inner Game Strengths

Evaluate your personal “inner game” strength with our comprehensive assessment designed to highlight areas of focus for achieving your most important goals

Aligning Leaders and Teams with a Foundation of Trust

Performance improvement requires self-discovery, clear goals, and a structured plan.
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Unique Coaching, Mentoring, and Advisory Approach

Fortified and Supplemented With Executive Experience

Rooted in Stoic Philosophy and Mindfulness Teachings


Executive Coach

Brian spent 20+ years in executive roles, most recently CEO of Ned Davis Research and CFO of the Asset Management division of Euromoney.

Since then, Brian’s focus has been on helping CFOs overcome their biggest challenges and realize their vision.

Brian takes his clients through a customized process that will uncover new insights and approaches to accelerate progress toward their goals.

Brian’s clients are life-long learners, who are always looking for ways to transform their leadership and their team’s performance.

In addition to traditional coaching, Brian provides his clients with advice and mentoring based on his extensive executive experience. Brian knows the challenges leaders face and helps leaders stay on track with their growth plans to help ensure success.

Results-Based Approach


  • Certified Myers-Briggs assessments
  • 360-Degree feedback interviews
  • 1-on-1 sessions

Clear Objectives

  • Define what success looks like
  • Identify desired outcomes
  • Determine desired timeline

Structured Plan

  • Results-oriented development plan
  • Agreed milestones and timeline
  • Progress assessment and accountability


Helping others achieve their growth objectives through a confidential process of self-discovery, identifying desired outcomes, and creating a structure to ensure success.

Trusted Leader Focusing on Self-Work, Stoic Philosophy, and Mindfulness

My approach is unique due to my appreciation for ancient stoic teachings and the practice of mindfulness, combined with years of executive-level experience.

Founded on and guided by the principles of the great ancient stoics such as Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius whose teachings on self-discipline, self-reliance, and relentless pursuit of virtues produced some of the greatest leaders and formed the foundation of western business culture.

Investing in the development of your leadership team as a CEO or CFO is critical to reaching your growth goals and improving team relationships.

I enjoy traveling and being outdoors with my daughters,
whether it’s skiing, hiking in the beautiful parks,
strolling along the coast of Massachusetts,
or sailing and visiting Martha’s Vineyard.

“I am honored to work with Brian as he is someone who has “been there done that” and is now passing his knowledge along to others. I was super lucky to find him. We met in a networking group and talked five times about other items, before I realized that I had to work with Brian. Then, I became a client.

After interviewing about 5 other coaches, I was quick to realize that most other coaches didn’t have the experience or credentials in their career that were anywhere close to Brian’s. Many “experienced” coaches were preaching a framework they got through reading a book, as opposed to Brian, who had been living his frameworks for decades. Brian has been in the trenches of running a business, has substantial c-suite expertise, and couldn’t be more qualified to help me. I would highly recommend c-suite executives (or those looking to become c-suite executives) reach out for a conversation on how they can start their coaching journey.”

Barrett Willich

Managing Partner at Bear & Kenmore

“Brian’s coaching has helped me tremendously. He’s great to work with. You know he’s in your corner, and he’ll push you when you need to be pushed. He’s helped me to figure out my next step in my career and my strategy to get there. He’s provided me with a unique mix of former executive perspective, mindfulness coaching, and accountability tools. I’ve enjoyed and benefited greatly from his coaching. I’d recommend him to any professional looking to better themselves and their career.”

Kwaku Prempeh

Global Business Manager

“I had the pleasure of undergoing executive coaching with Brian, and the impact it has had on both my personal and professional life is profound. Through our sessions, I embraced the practice of journaling, which has significantly deepened my sense of gratitude. This newfound appreciation has enhanced my relationships, allowing me to connect more meaningfully with those around me.

Brian’s coaching was instrumental in helping me navigate complex workplace dynamics, particularly in strategizing for my career advancement and managing challenging interactions with others. His guidance was a catalyst for reflection, enabling me to approach these situations with a clearer, more effective mindset. The advice I received was not only sound and relatable but also rooted in Brian’s extensive experience, providing practical strategies for teamwork and influencing people.

What sets Brian’s coaching apart is its holistic approach. It’s more than just professional development; it’s akin to a mental tune-up or cleanse, vital for anyone aiming to excel in all facets of life. The sessions are meditative and introspective, offering invaluable time for self-assessment and realignment.

I wholeheartedly recommend Brian’s coaching to anyone seeking to enhance their personal and professional life. His insights and methodologies are beneficial for anyone, regardless of their career stage. I look forward to continuing my journey with Brian, armed with better questions and ready to tackle new challenges, and am excited to see the tangible, consistent results of our work together.”

Nivedita Jampana

Sr Manager Enterprise PMO

“I engaged Brian to improve my level of effectiveness as a leader and my team’s performance. The process and tools utilized provided me with clear insights into areas for improvement and was helpful in identifying a plan for action to implement. As a former CEO and CFO, Brian has the experience which enables him to ask the right questions to get to the heart of what I needed to do. He has a passion for coaching leaders and teams to excel and in a style that is thought-provoking and inspiring. I highly recommend Brian’s coaching to any leader looking to raise their game.”

Jim McGrail

Chief Human Resources Officer 

“When I first approached coaching, I admit I was skeptical about its impact. However, the transformation I’ve experienced with Brian’s coaching has been remarkable. The sessions are not only enjoyable but are also customized to address my unique needs, making every minute count. The best part is the minimal homework; the insights and exercises provided during the sessions themselves have been enough to create a significant shift in my approach at work and in my personal life. I’m truly impressed by how quickly and profoundly this coaching has changed my outlook, enhancing my productivity and overall peace of mind.”

Michael Jaggers Radolf

Fixed Income Risk Manager

“It has been a pleasure to have Brian as a mentor/coach. We have been able to discuss and work through a wide variety of professional scenarios. Brian is able to leverage his various experiences, especially his background in different executive capacities, to hone in on what is really important, and to appropriately position oneself. I highly recommend Brian to anyone looking for career support in their professional journey.”

Prashant George

Enterprise & Financial Risk Leader

“Brian augments his excellent knowledge and experience in finance, technology and systems as a CFO/COO with a differentiator skill of understanding the absolute importance of culture alongside strategy.

He did an amazing job in partnering with me on designing and implementing the strategy of “multiple brands one infrastructure” where he was successful in leading and coaching his team to integrate, embrace and accept the strategy.

Utilizing those skills, Brian will be a great coach, mentor and a guide to senior executives who will certainly benefit. I will work with Brian again.”

Bashar Alrehany

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

“I worked with Brian for my career planning and interview preparation. I was extremely surprised at how Brian understood my strength and weakness with even one session of conversation. He pointed out to me the areas worth working on, and provided me with the feedback that could help my confidence and interview performance. Getting his advice and guidance before my interviews also helped me in my preparation and focuses. I will book a session with Brian before any important interview. Brian’s coaching also helped me gain clarity of which option is best for me. He helped me sort out what is most important for me and make the best decision for me. I’d recommend Brian’s coaching to anyone with important professional goals to increase your chance of success!”

Christine Lu

Quant and Risk Factor Modeling

“Brian’s coaching has been one of the most invaluable assets I have had for creating a vision and strategy for my life, career, and leadership goals. He is an expert in helping to gain perspective, clarity, confidence in the unknown, a firmer prioritization of one’s values, and of course, he has many practical business management insights. After a call with Brian, I am truly amazed by how much progress I have made in these areas in only one hour with his coaching. I cannot recommend Brian highly enough!”

Mark Donohue

Strategic Project Leader

“Brian’s coaching style and trusted leadership helped align our leadership team to meet our goals during a very tough period for our business.

He’s a strong, collaborative leader, team builder and a good listener. He developed a reputation for helping others succeed.”

Diane Alfano

Senior B2B information services executive 

Stoic Executive Clients

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