Attachment to Success is Killing Your Performance

Privacy Matters: Treat your journal as a confidential space for uncensored thoughts. This freedom allows you to delve deeply and honestly into self-reflection.

  • Begin with Mindfulness: Start each journaling session with a minute of mindful breathing, such as the box breathing technique, to center yourself.

  • Journaling for Confidence

    • Acknowledge Achievements: At the end of each day, list three things you did well. Highlighting your successes shifts focus from deficiencies to areas of abundance.

    • Cultivate Gratitude: Daily, jot down what you are genuinely thankful for, from the mundane to the significant. This can transform your mindset and heart-set.

    Applying Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

    • Challenge Distortions: Write down any self-defeating beliefs and actively question them. Provide evidence from your experiences that counteract perfectionist demands.

    • Behavioral Experiments: Design and document real-life tests for your doubts. Predict what might happen, take action, and record the outcomes to challenge and often invalidate your fears.

    • Socratic Questioning: Use this method to scrutinize the accuracy of your negative thoughts. Question their validity by asking for evidence and considering alternative, more balanced viewpoints.

    Mindfulness Journaling Prompts

    • Today’s Presence: “What moment today was I fully present for, and how did it feel?”

    • Observer’s Seat: “What thoughts have been recurring lately, and what emotions do they bring?” Visualize yourself observing these thoughts without judgment.

    • The Untroubled Self: “What would I do today if I weren’t hindered by self-doubt?” or “What would I do if I knew I’d be successful?”

    Reflective Techniques

    • Interrogate the Inner Critic: Document the inner critic’s narrative. Then, examine it: “Is this thought factual or just a feeling?”

    • Envision Success: Detail a situation where you embody confidence. What does success look like, and what emotions does it stir within you?

    “The quality of your inner game determines the quality of your future.”