3 Simple Tips for Managing Your Time and Boosting Productivity

I’ll keep this short because I know you’re busy. But that reminds me of a question:….If everyone is so busy, why is so little getting done?

This is the paradox of time management and productivity. We all need to work on getting better, now more than ever, yet we seem to have no time for it.

We are all so busy with all the things that come at us, we don’t get to focus enough on what is truly important

So how can you find time in your busy schedule to actually get something done?

Today, I want to share 3 tips for managing your time and boosting your productivity:

1) Laser your focus – refine what you want to be focused on

The best way to be productive is to “laser your focus.” I use journaling to really try to hone in on what is working and what isn’t. Instead of trying to do everything at once, prioritize and focus on one task.

If you have an activity that takes up too much of your time and energy, then stop it – or delegate it.

2 ) Say “no” , a lot

You have to fight off all the distractions by setting boundaries and saying “NO”. If you are like me this can be hard to do.

This is especially true with email. Make sure inbound emails are NOT setting your agenda. We often say yes to things when we really shouldn’t. It’s time to “say no” and focus on what we are interested in.

It’s easy to get distracted by the growing number of tasks listed on your to-do list and the never-ending stream of notifications coming in from your digital devices.

It feels good to stay busy when you are productive, but you will get more done if you say no to some tasks.

3.) Obsess over your time management – Spend your time with intention

In order to make time and spend your time with intention you have to manage it very carefully. Next time you say “I’m too busy” for something stop to check if you are saying no to something that is more important than some of the other things you are doing, 

Take time to pause and rethink what you ARE spending your time on.

Better leadership makes a world of difference. I’d love to hear about your plan to take back control of your schedule.