A Simple Equation for Achieving Your Highest Potential

Do you want to elevate your leadership, and fully tap into your abilities?

Do you believe you’re capable of more but not sure how to get there?

Let me share with you a simple equation to help you reach your highest potential.

Performance = Potential – Interference

It’s that simple.

Your performance is limited only by your potential… minus interference.

Interference is all of the obstacles in our way, whether internal or external. The great news is that your potential is so vast and that most of the interference we face are things we can do something about. So in order to perform closer to your full potential, we need to work on reducing interference that is limiting us.

Your Potential = the sum of all your unique skills, experience, ability, and education.

I believe the potential within most of us is enormous. Bigger than we can imagine.

What if you removed that interference?

Would you be more successful? Interference is something well worth exploring. Most of us have a ton of untapped potential, and just focusing on the internal interference, we can realize some amazing new levels of performance.

Things such as a lack of confidence, fear, greed, ego. There are things that are getting in the way.

In fact, in Sir John Whitmore’s book ‘Coaching for Performance’, he estimates that we only express about 40% of our potential. So even modest reductions in interference can make a huge difference.

Remember this equation:

Performance = Potential – Interference

And start identifying the internal interference that is holding you back. There are many ways to discover and

address this interference. One way is with regular self-reflection through journaling. Really exploring what is interfering with your potential. Be really honest with yourself.

What interference is holding you back?