Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Hi I’m Brian Frohn, Executive Coach.

Helping leaders improve their leadership is my passion because better leadership makes a world of difference. I think of all the lives that are impacted by leaders every day, and how much even modest improvements can change those lives for the better.

You may have heard the quote  “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. 

I love this one. Because I believe it is very true and paints a pretty clear picture. 

If you don’t get culture right, forget your strategy!

Culture is defined as  “the way things get done in an organization”.  The behaviors, norms, and unwritten policies that represent the way things get done. In biology, a culture means “maintain in conditions suitable for growth”.  This applies to organizations as well!

I’m sure you can think of examples where cultural issues get in the way of executing strategy effectively.

To me there are three keys to improved culture…

1 ) Culture change starts at the top.

  • The culture is a reflection of the leadership.

  • Leaders need to model the behaviors and tone they want as the prevailing culture.

2) You can’t leave culture to human resources.

  • HR can’t do it alone.

  • Without the CEO or leader modeling a healthy culture there is no way HR can fix it.

3) Trust

  • If you want to pick on thing to focus on, make it trust

  • Trusted leadership is a great way to improve culture

Whatever your definition getting culture right is required  for any strategy to be effective. Better leadership makes a world of difference. I’d love to hear about your plan to get better.