Leadership Resilence: Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Hi I’m Brian Frohn, Executive Coach.

Helping leaders improve their leadership is my passion because better leadership makes a world of difference. I think about all the lives that are impacted everyday by leaders and how much even modest improvements can change those lives for the better.

Growth requires us to get out of our comfort zone.

Dr. Carl Jung said, “that which we need most can be found where we least want to look.”

To grow and get better, we need to get more comfortable being uncomfortable. We need to spend some time outside of our comfort zone.

We have to battle with some scary and difficult stuff within ourselves. The stoics say, “one conquers the world by conquering thyself.” But this isn’t easy so forgive yourself as you will inevitably fall back into your old patterns along your path. I know I do.

Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is like doing a new workout. Don’t go too crazy or you’ll hurt yourself and you’ll stop working out altogether. Get some help. It’s not easy but nothing worthwhile is easy.

You’ll have better results if you get help.

Get a coach. Make a plan. And incorporate structure to keep you on that plan. 

Better leadership makes a world of difference and I love to hear about your plan to get better.