Leadership Development: A Plan for Growth

Better leadership makes a world of difference.

Even slight improvements in our leadership, if sustained, can have a significant positive effect on us, our teams, our families, everyone around us.

Think about the impact leaders have had on you and how you show up at home. And of course, better leadership can lead to better business results. There are a few key steps in a good program of improvement for leaders. Self-discovery, setting clear objectives, and forming and following a structured plan for success. Self-discovery is the process of figuring out what you need to work on.

What are the one or two things that would make the biggest impact for you and your business?

There are a few good tools that can help facilitate this step in the process. Getting a 360-degree review around you, having an independent person talk to you, your team, your peers, and others. A good personality assessment type tool can help with self-awareness and understand the differences of others. Myers-Briggs one of the most established and trusted assessments out there.

Three one-on-one meetings with a coach. From discovery, we can take the clear objective. Let’s say for example, through discovery, you decide you need to spend more time on strategic thinking and less time on day-to-day operations. This would be your objective.

So far so good. But the plan to do this sustainably requires help and structure to do it. This is where most people fall short. This is where structure and outside help can really make a difference.

There are many ways to build a plan with structure to keep you on track. It comes down to what’s right for you and your situation. Getting better makes a world of difference. It takes work and structure to do it.

What is your plan?