Leading With a Growth Mindset

What it means to have a growth mindset.

To have a growth mindset means you are actively open to and looking to learn and grow. This is a mindset, not a one-time project or activity.

Three keys to having a growth mindset.

1. The realization that we all have tremendous growth potential still ahead.

Realizing that regardless of how successful we are, we are never “done” growing and learning and getting better.

If you are like me, you look back and realize, “wow, how little I knew then? I can’t believe I did this or that.” This is evidence of our growth from then to now, and evidence that you can continue growing.

2. Having a growth mindset shows vulnerability which builds trust.

Having a growth mindset means you know you have work to do, which others will pick up on. I’m sure we can all give examples of leaders we appreciated and trusted who showed some vulnerability, and equally, we know some leaders who we wished did more of it.

3. Having a growth mindset helps us get better, which brings better results.

There is a real ROI to it. A growth mindset is a willingness to invest in yourself, whats a better investment than one in yourself?

Better leadership makes a world of difference. I’d love to hear about your plan to get better.