3 Tips on How to Trust the Process

Trusting the process is a mindset that helps leaders stay focused on the behaviors that get great results vs the results themselves.

I recall a time I was trying to convince a colleague of a course of action. I had become overly vested in the result, I was too attached. He said to me “Don’t be so transactional”. I’ll never forget it. I was trying so hard to ‘check the box,’ I couldn’t hear his ideas and therefore wasn’t prepared to come away with a different but even better plan.

There are 3 keys to trusting the process.

1. Focus on what you control.

Realizing that most things are outside our control.

2. Let go of unhealthy attachments.

Don’t be transactional, be ready for alternative outcomes, plan b, c, and d.

3. Focus on your actions and behavior more so than the desired results.

When we trust the process, we leave some space for better outcomes. So try putting some more trust in the process as a way to achieve even better results.

Better leadership makes a world of difference. What is your plan to get better?