Why Hire a Leadership Coach?

There are 3 reasons for hiring an executive coach.

1.Giving a member of your team the opportunity for coaching is a benefit and retention tool.

I always appreciated it when my organization offered me coaching. I understood it to be an investment in me. Someone getting coaching is more likely to handle the issues and stresses of the particular organization, improving work satisfaction for them, and the teams of the people getting coaching will also benefit, having more of an effective leader, which would help their job satisfaction as well.

2. Good coaching improves culture.

Getting a coach sends a signal of vulnerability and a growth mindset. This helps develop trust in the organization. And good coaching helps the leaders show up better, which makes everyone happier and more effective.

3. Because coaching works.

You get results. I have a coach and I have been coached most of my career. I have always thought of a coach as my secret weapon. Coaching has proven to work.

There are many studies that show how effective one-on-one leadership coaching can be. There are many examples. I’m sure you know leaders who can attest to the benefits of a good coach.